Floors of all kinds need gentle, but thorough cleaning, whether you have tiles, parquet, vinyl, carpet, or anything else. Vileda has the tools you need to sweep up dust, clean with water, vacuum, steam the floor and leave it sparkling clean!

Whether mop or flat mop, vacuum cleaner or steamer: there are many methods of effective floor cleaning. Often different cleaning tools are necessary for different surfaces or levels of dirt.

Vileda offers a wide range of floor cleaning tools. This means that the ideal partner is available for every application, making everyday housework as comfortable as possible for you.

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Mop Systems

Mops, buckets, & refills


Brooms, dust pans & handles


Get cleaner floors faster

Cleaning Agents

For super effective cleaning

Mop Systems

Vileda’s Mop Systems provide you all you need to mop your floor, from the bucket or water container to different mop heads depending on the floor you have.

Clean all kinds of dirt – including particles, dust or liquids – on all types of hard floor surfaces like wood, laminate or tiles, with highly absorbent microfibre strands and red power zones for 20% more particle pickup than standard microfibre.

  • Sale!

    Promist Max + FREE Refill

    38.70 29.95 Available May 15, 2021.
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    57.00 50.00 Available May 15, 2021.
  • Sale!

    Easy Wring & Clean Turbo + FREE Chanteclair Disinfectant Spray x6

    57.00 39.95 Available May 15, 2021.
  • Sale!

    UltraMax Complete + FREE Chanteclair Disinfectant Spray x6

    52.00 34.95
  • Sale!

    Vileda Easy Wring & Clean Turbo Mop – Complete Set

    39.95 29.95
  • Vileda Ultramax Refill

  • Vileda Ultramat Complete

  • Vileda Ultramax Complete Box Set

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You can count on Vileda brooms for thorough dust and hair collection.

Our brooms are designed with technology that creates the ultimate broom for fast and thorough flooring cleaning, ideal for all types of floors and with perfect corner cleaning due to the trapezoidal shape of some of our brooms.

  • Vileda Superscopa (Rubber Broom)

  • Vileda Long Handle Dustpan New

  • Vileda Long Handle Dustpan + Broom

  • Vileda Attr Plus Disp Cloth X 24Pcs

  • Vileda Attractive Plus Kit

  • Vileda 2In1 Broom Universal

  • Vileda 2In1 Outdoor Broom

    5.45 Available May 24, 2021.
  • Vileda Universal Handle – 130Cm

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Make cleaning smart!

Vileda offers electronic cleaning products to free up your time and be of convenience to you. Vacuum cleaning becomes effortless and stress-free with our powerful floor cleaners.

  • Vileda Steam Mop Refill X 2

  • Vileda Steam Mop

  • Sale!

    Vileda JetClean 3In1

    255.00 175.00
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Cleaning Agents

Give your floor extra sparkle with these complementary cleaning agents.

  • Sale!

    Chanteclair Concentrated Softener Peony and Magnolia 2-pack

    8.40 4.20
  • Sale!

    Disinfectant Pack

    15.00 10.00
  • Sale!

    Chanteclair Dishwashing Liquid Piatti Orange 3-pack

    5.60 3.75
  • Sale!

    Chanteclair Concentrated Softener Muschio Bianco 2-pack

    8.40 4.20
  • Sale!

    Chanteclair Dishwashing Liquid Piatti Marsiglia 3-pack

    5.60 3.75
  • Sale!

    Chanteclair Concentrated Softener Sea Salt and Lotus Flower 2-pack

    8.40 4.20
  • Sale!

    Chanteclair Concentrated Softener Flowers of Orange and Narcissus 2-pack

    8.40 4.20
  • Sgrassatore Bi-Pack Marsiglia

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