Vileda Ultramax Refill


A replacement pad for your Ultramax or 1-2 Spray mop. Made with microfibre and super durable materials which can be machine washed and used over and over again.

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Product Description

Vileda Ultramax Refill

Looking to replace you current mop pad? The mop pad can easily be attached with the push buttons onto your UltraMax.

This refill mop head is machine washable at up to 60 °C.

It consists of 80 % microfibres, which help to guarantee a quick particle and dirt pick-up as well as thoroughly cleaning away grease and dust. This mop pad is suitable for all hard-sealed floors like Vinyl-floorings, linoleum, tiles, laminate, parquet or hardwood floors. For the best cleaning performance ensure you wash without using fabric softener.

Machine Washable

This microfibre mop pad can be washed in your washing machine at up to 60 °C for maximum comfort and low maintenance.

Improved Push Buttons

For convenient detaching and attaching of the washable mop head, simply use the push buttons to separate the cloth pad from the frame.

Extra Scrubbing Power

Equipped with mixed fibres, so the refill head creates extra scrubbing power.

1. 80% Microfibre Pad

To guarantee deep down cleaning, the machine washable mop head is made from 80% microfibre and mixed with other fibres to provide a robust, durable and high perfromance clean. This fabric mix is highly functional and cleans stubborn dirt thoroughly.

2. Dirt Pick-up and Shine

The Power Zones on the mop pad are designed to pick up dirt and other particles to leave your floors glistening. This combination of fibres and high-performance materials result inshiny surfaces and clean floors.

3. Water-Absorbency

The refill pad is highly water-absorbent so that large amounts of water and other fluids can be easily soaked up.

Delicate Floors
The rectangular-shaped washable mop head is perfect for perfect cleaning. Reaching inaccessible spots is easy for the absorbent microfibre cloths.
This premium cleaning product features Vileda’s signature microfibre technology. The cleaning tool is a rectangular cleaning pad, consisting of 80% high-functioning fibres and for stubborn dirt marks.
Great cleaning performance
The washable mop head refill is designed to clean up grease and other oily substances with its highly-absorbent microfibre cloth.
Ideal Moisture
The moisture of the washable mop head refill can be adjusted to your liking in combination with the Ultramax system and bucket and is suitable for any hard floor.

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