Vileda JetClean 3In1

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With the new Vileda JetClean you can thoroughly clean your floors in one step. This handy electrical wet and dry floor cleaner vacuums, mops your floors, and dries them in one step.

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Product Description

Vileda JetClean 3in1

For ideal use of the JetClean wet and dry floor cleaner you want to clean in lanes: First start in one lane and move the cleaner forward. This vacuums and mops your floor in one easy step. When you move it backwards over the same lane, the leftover water from the mopping gets sucked up and leaves the floor clean and dry.

This way of wet cleaning your floors saves you both time and water. With JetClean you save up to 80% of water vs. using an ordinary bucket & mop. Just plug it in and thanks to the seven metres of power cord, you can flexibly move it over any kind of hard floor. Due to its sleek nozzle design you can easily clean around or under furniture.

The JetClean roller inside the cleaner is made up of 50% microfibre and power cleaning stripes. This combination of fabrics will clean your floors thoroughly without the usual effort you otherwise need for mopping. The clean water is sprayed out of eight separate jets in the water bar inside the head. This ensures an evenly distribution of water so that the microfibre roller clean the lanes smoothly. Trust in Vileda because we are the experts for wet floor cleaning.

Get your time saver now and start using your time for the things you love!

Add water

Cleans using fresh tap water. Optionally, you can add a small drop of cleaning detergent.

Vacuuming and mopping

Use it in a forward movement on one lane to vacuum up particles in front of it while also mopping wet at the same time.

Drying the floor

Move it backwards to suck up liquids on the same lane and remove the leftover water to leave the floor clean and dry.

1. 3in1 cleaning saves time

The new wet and dry floor cleaner is washing, mopping and drying your floors in just one step, saving you a lot of time. Simply move the cleaner forwards to vacuum and mop simultaneously. When moving backwards the wetness is absorbed leaving your floors dry.

2. Cleans like new

It cleans all kinds of dirt - including particles, dust or liquids – on all types of hard floor surfaces like wood, laminate or tiles. The special microfiber roller mops at 2800 rpms, removing greasy dirt & stubborn stains for a newly clean result.

3. Double tank system for best cleaning results

The JetClean has two separate water tanks, one for clean and one for dirty water. Thanks to this double tank system, you will always mop you floors with clean and fresh water.

Time saving 3in1 cleaning

By vacuuming and wiping with the JetClean at the same time, you save a lot of time when maintaining the floor. Thanks to the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to vacuum floors before wiping them. You can do all the work in one go – and your floors dry much faster.

Powerfully cleaned floors

The JetClean dry and wet floor cleaner removes all types of dirt – even large dirt particles, dust and liquids – on all hard floors such as wood, laminate or tiles. The cleaning roller wipes with 3000 revolutions per minute and removes even grease and stubborn dirt.

Fast drying floors

Thanks to the water-repellent rubber lip of the JetClean wet vacuum cleaner, excess liquid is drawn off and vacuumed up immediately after wiping, for clean and dry floors.

Cleans up to 70m²
You are able to clean up to 70m² with a tank of clean water. It saves you time and lets you clean your home that much faster.
Easy self-clean storage tray
The device has a self-clean storage tray. It serves as a storage tray when not in use and is also to be used for rinsing the device. Simply place it on the tray, turn it on and fill the tray with water. The roller is now being cleaned with fresh water to remove light dirt from the system.
Efficient microfibre material
The included roller is made up from 50% microfibre and power fibre stripes which clean your floors efficiently, removing greasy dirt & stubborn stains.
Double filter system
A combination of two layers allows the high-performance filter to effectively trap particles and dust to reduce the amount of dirt that gets released back into the air.
Suitable for all sealed hard floors
Use it on all hard floors like vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, tiles, marble, natural stone, wood, parquet and laminate.
Two separate water tanks
The floor cleaner has two separate water tanks, one for clean and one for dirty water. This way you will always mop the floor with fresh and clean water for best results.

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1 review for Vileda JetClean 3In1

  1. Fiona

    I just bought the JetClean and I cannot stress enough how great it is. It is perfect for a quick clean up. Thanks to the JetClean, my home is so much easier to keep clean.

    Using it daily means that my floors are spotless and I am not dealing with back ache, cracked skin on my hands AND I have more time to do other things … like chill with my family!

    The JetClean is so easy to use, even kids can help out with the chores!

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Can I use the wet and dry floor cleaner without dust bag?

Yes, the Vileda Jet Clean is bagless as it has a detachable dirt water tank that collects all dirt. Just disconnect the tank and pour away the dirt to empty it. Rinse it before putting it back into the appliance.

Can I use it as a dry vacuum only?

Yes, the JetClean has a water trigger in the grip. If you want to dry the floor, or only want to vacuum without using the water JetClean technology, just deactivate the water by pressing the trigger. When the LEDs in the nozzle are off, the water is OFF. When the LEDs are ON, the water flow is activated and you can mop while vacuuming.

Can I use cleaning detergents?

Yes, the JetClean system cleans thoroughly using only fresh water, but you can choose to use a drop of non-foaming floor cleaning detergent. Be sure not to use too much detergent as this will build up too much foam and can leave mopping streaks on the floor.

Can I wash the roller in the washing machine?

With the self-cleaning storage tray you can rinse out dirt from the roller. If the roller is very dirty, it is easy to detach and rinse out under the tap. Do not put the roller into the washing machine, as this might destroy the roller or damage your washing machine!

Is the device cordless?

No, it comes with a power cord for more power in cleaning and no battery time limitations. The seven-meter cord lets you move around to clean a large area without having to unplug it.