Laundry Care

Once it’s washed, it needs to be dried, and then it might need ironing too – Vileda helps with laundry every step of the way.

With Vileda you’ll always find convenient laundry accessories that make drying and ironing easier. Get crease-free laundry after every use with Vileda laundry products.

Indoor & Outdoor Dryers

Our laundry dryers come in many sizes and shapes – from medium to large to larger, to indoor only to outdoor and indoor too. Foldable for easy storage, and expandable for more drying area, your laundry will thank you!

  • Vileda Dryer Infinity + Free Ironing Board

  • Vileda Indoor Dryer Solar

  • Vileda Indoor Dryer King

  • Sale!

    Vileda Dryer Premium 2 In 1

    40.00 30.00
  • Vileda Dryer Infinity

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Ironing Boards

Our different ironing board covers either give your clothes a soft padding for comfortable ironing and an impeccable finish, or reflect heat with aluminium coating for faster and easier ironing.

  • Vileda Ironing Board Smart Plus

  • Vileda Express Basic Color Mix Blue/Pink

  • Vileda Viva Express Smart Without Plug Pink

  • Vileda Viva Express Smart Without Plug Blue

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Lint Rollers

Lint rollers provide extra thorough cleaning of your clothes removing all those pesky fibres that get caught up in your garments.

  • Vileda Lint Roller Refills X2

  • Vileda Lint Roller System


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