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5 Ways The AttrActive Plus Will Change How You Clean

By July 13, 2020January 18th, 2021No Comments

Malta is well known for many things – and our dusty environment is definitely one of them! With ongoing construction and our natural stone’s predisposition to release fine white dust, cleaning is a multi-step process.

In fact, no successful cleaning session can start without dusting and sweeping first. This may mean lots of stretching and twisting to get to those hard to reach spaces, leaving you tired before you’ve even really started.

That’s why the Vileda AttrActive Plus is an invaluable dusting tool,  ideal for your weekly clean or for everyday touch up cleaning.

Equipped with disposable wipes, the AttrActive Plus allows you to collect dust and fluff in one quick swipe. The AttrActive Plus disposable dusting wipes have electrostatic properties that attract and trap dust effectively. Easily assembled, the mop head comes with 3 attachments to make up a handle that will help you tackle hard to reach spots like corners, under furniture, and even walls.

If your floor is due a wash and you’ve been sweeping regularly, but still want to avoid spreading dust around, the AttrActive Plus is the ideal tool to give a quick easy swipe along the floor to pick up rogue bits of dust and fluff.

One place many people forget to clean are their walls. Whether you’ve been neglecting them or you’ve just finished a DIY project that left a cloud of dust in its wake, you can easily use the AttrActive Plus to give your walls a good touch-up.

The design of this mop is ideal for hard to reach spots, which means that you don’t have to stretch and twist to get to that ball of the fluff in the corner. Its flexible trapezoid head will get into every nook and cranny, while the dust-attracting wipes does the rest.

Unlike other disposable wipe systems, AttrActive Plus has a double sided head that allows you to use the whole wipe. Just flip it to use the other side!  Once you’re done with the wipe you won’t have to worry about washing it, just pull it out of the mophead and dispose!

The Vileda AttrActive Plus is an innovative floor cleaning system with convenient disposable wipes. Buy it online today!