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Our long-handled dustpan is ideal for sweeping with brooms without resulting in back pain and strenuous house cleaning. Simply brush dirt, hair and debris into our long-handled dustpan with your floor broom and empty the pan into a bin.

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Product Description

Vileda Long-Handled Dustpan

Dusting and collecting dirt with a small standard dustpan and a long broom is physically exhausting. But with our brand-new long-handled dustpan there’s no need to bend down anymore – this saves time and strength! Add valuable supplies to your household equipment by choosing one of our brush sets.

Reaching behind furniture and kitchen counters is easy with the help of our extra-long handles. Brooms can directly sweep and brush dirt into the dustpan without you having to bend down. By folding the handle, you can save even more space. Additionally, the handle itself can also be hung onto a hook by its black hanger.

To empty the fiery red dustpan into a basket, simply tilt the body and the handle of the cleaning item and tip out dirt and hair from your floor into buckets or bins. The brushes and bristles of your broom of choice can smoothly glide over the attached rubber lip to ensure that every dirt particle lands straight in the dustpan.

Our dustpan handle is 80 cm long, which is the ideal size for an adult to use this equipment. Add this handy sweeping accessory with a bright colour to your collection of household goods and significantly simplify your daily chores. Say goodbye to strenuous sweeping chores and aching backs. Complete your sweeping set by buying a broom to go with your long-handled dustpan.

Clean Corners

The shape of the red plastic dustpan is an accessory designed to fit corner cleaning brooms.

Big Nozzle

Vileda’s long-handled dustpan is constructed with an extra-big mouth so that a complete broom head can fit inside.

Easy to Empty

To empty this dustpan set into a rubbish bin, simply tilt the handle over a basket or into a bin.

1. Extra-Long Handle

With an 80-cm length, this super-long dustpan handle comes in handy when sweeping floors, staircases, banisters, or any dirty areas in your house with a long, stiff broom.

2. Rubber Lip

Due to its black rubber lip, fine dust and other dirt particles can easily be swept into the dustbin container instead of ending up underneath the plastic dustpan.

3. Foldable for Easy Storage

To store your long-handled dustpan without taking up much space, fold the sweeping aid completely and put it in a broom cabinet or near your other floor cleaning appliances.

Extra Hanger
To save even more space, simply hang the dustpan handle onto a hook with its black hanger on the red handle.
No More Back Pain
Unlike regular dustpans, this long-handled dustpan is especially suitable for people whose backs tend to ache when cleaning or elderly people who find bending down difficult.
Compact and Lightweight
This long-handled dustpan barely weighs anything. Its lightness guarantees an easy and quick manoeuvrability around your home.
Great Compatibility
Of course, this long-handled dustpan should be used with a floor cleaning broom. To do this, simply visit the brooms page and choose your ideal floor sweeper to accompany this indoor dustpan.
Simple Storage
To store your dust pan away, simply put it in one of your broom cabinets or a small room for your cleaning tools. With its slender texture it barely takes up any space.
Washable and Waterproof
The premium, long-handled dustpan is washable. Simply rinse it underneath running tap water and clean it with your preferred detergent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I detach the handle from the dustpan to save storage space?

Yes, the foldable handle is detachable which grants maximum comfort and convenient storage possibilities.

How big is the dustpan mouth?

This product’s opening with the included rubber lip is 28.5 cm wide.

Is this item suitable for outdoor use?

For dirt and dust to directly fall into the long-handled dustpan, the plastic body should be positioned on a smooth and even surface. If you intend to use this dustpan set in your garden, make sure that the ground is even. Using it on the grass is not advised.

What kind of dirt do your long-handled dustpans collect?

With the correct type of dustpan brush or sweeping brush, you can sweep almost any kind of dirt and debris into the dustpan. There are no limitations.

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