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Meet the ultimate cleaning tool: The microfibre cloth

By February 24, 2020January 18th, 2021No Comments

If these wonderfully colourful cleaning companions haven’t already converted you, let us give you plenty of good reasons why you should have a cupboard full of microfibre cloths! Should you already have an army of them hiding under the kitchen sink, allow us to explain how to make the most of your microfibre buddies.

First things first, as the name implies microfibre cloths are made from very small polyester and nylon fibres. Just to put this into perspective, they are even smaller than a strand of silk, and 100 times smaller than a human hair! What’s more, they do not (we repeat, do not!) require any cleaning agents, giving you plenty of bang for your buck.

In short, yes! Although there is no kind of sorcery to be found here. You may have noticed regular cloths tend to push the dirt around from one area to another, making cleaning a real chore. Without sounding too much like a school science lesson, the fibres consist of an asterisk-like structure. All of these little microfibre pores, nooks and crannies make the cloth tremendously absorbent.

These magical cloths can lock on to anything from dust, dirt, grease to bacteria – making it an ideal go-to cleaning tool. Not only are they efficient for the task in hand, Vileda’s range are available in a variety of colours, which is ideal for colour coding cleaning.

Quite! Microfibre cloths are incredibly versatile and work wonders on multiple surfaces. Vileda even has a microfibre cloth for cleaning your specs! The uses are truly endless.

Keep one in your bathroom. Once you have hopped out of the shower or bath, reach for a microfibre cloth to wipe down the surface. The fabric will instantly pick up any soapy residue ensuring your tub or shower is much cleaner over time – and without leaving any streaks!

When It comes to dusting, no other cloth picks up particles like microfibre. While most resources would recommend using a dry cloth for dusting, dampening the cloth first will maximise its pulling power on Malta’s thick dust. Positively, since it attracts even the tiniest of particles, nothing will be left behind, meaning you’ll be dusting less often.

These wonderfully designed cloths are hypoallergenic and safe for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Moreover, they help us to provide the best, environmentally friendly clean, without using harsh chemicals.

It’s almost ironic we must clean our cleaning tools, but in the case of microfibre, they will not clean effectively if they aren’t clean to start with! Here are a few pointers to maximise your cloths’ lifespan.

All in all, Microfibre cloths are a unique and highly effective tool that uses an ingenious approach to cleaning. Whatever job you need them for, microfibre cleaning cloths make a great addition to your cleaning supplies at home or work.