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5 Must-Buy Cleaning Items For Your New Home

By February 11, 2020January 15th, 2021No Comments

Whether you’re just getting started in a new property or looking to complete (or maybe upgrade) your cleaning kit, we’ve put together a list of essential cleaning tools that we believe no home should be without. Having the right set of tools on standby will also save you heaps of time and give extra life to items you already own.

The ideal cleaning kit should be practical, organised, easily transportable, and contains a range of essential tools to guarantee great cleaning results. You’ll always have everything you need on hand, and you’ll be able to notice when products run low.

Positively, you should also be able to keep all your supplies neat and organised. No more hearing “Have you seen the brush and dustpan?”. Let us tell you exactly what you need in your kit — and why!

If you have any hard surfaces such as wood, tiles, marble, and linoleum, you’ll need the right tools to get them clean. You should always check out specific cleaning instructions for different types of floors, but for sure you’ll need a good broom and dustpan to sweep before washing your floors. Make sure you find an excellent indoor broom; the secret here lies in the bristles: softer bristles are better at picking up smaller particles, such as dust. Leave those stiff bristled brooms for outside areas.

For smaller jobs, the handheld brush and dustpan will do just the trick. They are fab for dry spills, which are not suitable for a vacuum, such as dried pasta or a broken jar. The soft bristles mean they are also great for cleaning dusty, hard-to-reach areas, such as the top of cupboards and window ledges.

Hello, sticky floors we’re looking at you! After you’ve swept the floors, you’ll want to get them shining. Investing in a high quality spin mop and bucket is really worthwhile, as it will save you both time and effort. Spin mops and buckets work by wringing out any excess water and dirt, ensuring grime goes in the bucket and not on your floor. They also save on water usage!

Another thing every household cleaning kit should have are sponges. It’s imperative to keep the ones for your kitchen separate from the ones you use in the bathroom, to avoid spreading germs — this is where colour coding comes in handy.

Microfibre is exceptionally effective at picking up dust and other debris, making these colourful cloths useful for dusting. Additionally, the fibres are much finer than those of cotton cloths, enabling you to get deeper into crevices, while also providing additional abrasion for removing marks and built-up grime. Bonus, they don’t need any added chemicals.

Wait a second, before you go off hunting down all of these fabulous tools. If you want to build your perfect kit, look no further — Vileda has already done the hard work for you! The Vileda New Home Starter Pack holds all the cleaning supplies you’ll need once you’ve settled into your new home.

For just €60 the New Home Starter Pack includes an easy-wring and clean Turbo Mop with bucket system, 2-in-1 Broom and Handle, a dustpan and 2-in-1 dustpan set, a cloth and sponge bundle including a tea towel, a coloured sponge pack, coloured microfibre cloth pack, Actifibre cloths, and a Powerlines cloth. Take a look here!