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Meet our new microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology: Vileda’s Actifibre is the leader of the next generation of microfibre cloths. Combining 3 major surface-cleaning features – streak-free performance, water absorbency and particle-pick up – this cloth is an all-round talent that will do wonders in your home.

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Product Description

Vileda Actifibre Cloth

Do you need a new, efficient household cleaner? Are you ready for the next microfibre generation? Our latest addition to the Vileda family is our Actifibre cloth cleaner. It combines the best features and capabilities of tried and tested cleaning supplies.

    • No more smears and streaks-like a window or glass cleaning cloth
    • Soaking up water and large amounts of other substances-like a water-absorbent sponge cloth
    • Collecting (pet) hair,stubborn dirt, and particles-like high-performance microfibre cloths

Buy one of our newly improved Vileda Actifibre cloths with extra-strong integrated microfibres. The embossed patterns grant better access to stubborn dirt and even clean up heavy stains. The PVA-coating, polyvinyl alcohol, further strengthens the outer shell of our Actifibre pads. After wet mopping or wet wiping, subsequent drying is unnecessary, because the cloth’s drying ability has been maximized by our Vileda experts.

Whether you want to clean your kitchen, your bathroom or anything else, the microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology guarantees a comfortable, efficient, and multi-surface cleaning process, which will simplify your chores immensely. Suitable for everyday cleaning, this reusable product is fully equipped to bring you shining surfaces and glistening brilliance in your home. It’s a duster, a cleaner, a wiper, and a sponge – all in one!

To secure its hygienic abilities, regularly rinse your washing pads either by hand or wash them at up to 60 °C in your washing machine. The soft microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology is a star amongst microfibre cloths and should be used in any modern household. Add it to your own collection of cleaning tools and experience its full potential. Make your life easier with this 2-pack of our machine-washable, high-quality Actifibre!

Streak-Free Performance

Just like a window cleaning cloth, this Vileda Actifibre cloth with microfibre leaves no smears or streaks behind.


Just like a sponge cloth, this Actifibre cloth with microfibre soaks up large amounts of liquids with one wipe.

Particle Pick-Up

Just like an ordinary microfibre cloth, this Vileda Actifibre cloth with microfibre can collect dirt, hair, and particles from many surfaces.

1. Active Soaking Power

If you want to avoid leaving behind water streaks or droplets, this Vileda Actifibre 100% microfiber cloth will become your preferred cleaning tool. Its high absorbency and active soaking ability leave no residue on your surfaces.

2. Next Generation Microfibres

This Actifibre cloth with microfibres is designed to combine significant cleaning features like a comfortable grip when damp or wet, streak- and lint-free procedures, high-volume water absorption, and quickly pick up stubborn dirt particles

3. Double-Colour Cloths

In our Vileda Actifibre surface cloth set, you will find two cleaning cloths – one is blue and the other is purple. Both are constructed and designed in the same manner.

Sparkling Surfaces
Spills and marks are a thing of the past. Simply wipe your working areas, your kitchen counters, your windows, or your shower tiles with our microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology.
Multi-Purpose Cloth
Not only tiles, windows, tables, or countertops will benefit from this multi-surface cloth – it is suitable for many surfaces and purposes. Clean quickly and thoroughly with this intuitive item.
Protective Softness
To protect your surfaces, the multi-action cleaning cloth is super-soft and gentle so that it will not harm your furniture or floors when used appropriately.
No Residue or Streaks
Our absorbent microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology leaves no streaks, lint, marks, grease, or water drips behind.
Great Cleaning Experience
For best performances, our Vileda Actifibre cloth with microfibre fabrics guarantees a comfortable cleaning experience.
Strong Drying Power
There is no need for subsequent towel drying because our microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology absorbs fluids with one or two wipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fabric mix in your Actifibre cloth?

The fabric composition of this cleaning cloth is 85% polyester and 15% polyamide.

How big is the Vileda Actifibre cloth?

The microfibre cloth with Actifibre technology is square-shaped and measures 29 x 29 cm.

Will this microfibre cloth pick up pet hair, too?

Yes. If you have pets, like cats or dogs, you will be familiar with the usual pet hair problem. Vileda solves this by developing cleaning products that are ideal for picking up pet hair. The Actifibre cloth with microfibre system is a perfect tool for this.

Will the cleaning cloth leave marks on my windows?

No, due to the super-soft material, our microfibre cloths work scratch- and lint-free, so you do not need to worry about damaging tiles, windows, or other surfaces. Make sure you rinse the product properly before first use and also in between, to get rid of caught particles before wiping.

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