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Iron your shirts in record time

By September 9, 2019January 15th, 2021No Comments

The air is stifling and you can’t see the TV past the mountain of laundry piled on your ironing board, it’s no wonder few people really like ironing! And when it comes to shirts, the whole task becomes even more tad-dwejjaq as they are one of the most complicated items of clothing to iron out.

Well, we’re about to make your day with these handy tips for ironing shirts in record time; consider yourself forearmed before the start of a new scholastic year in Malta.

Ironing a shirt can seem like a daunting task, what with all of the different parts; sleeves, collar, buttons! You can make your task much easier by mentally dividing your shirt into sections, and ironing it part by part. Start with the collar, and go to left sleeve, right sleeve, right side, back, left side, and you’re done.

Stick to the same sequence every time and you’ll definitely speed up your ironing time. Of course, a Vileda ironing board will make the job that much easier – you can’t go wrong with a sturdy board, with a wide choice of products such as the Viva Express Smart Iron Board and the Viva Express Eco Iron Board.

If you feel like your ironing isn’t really up to par when compared to the freshly-pressed perfection of professionally ironed shirts, a simple trick can make your shirts super smooth without taking away extra minutes from your precious time.

All you have to do is give your shirt a few sprays of starch, then iron away as you usually would. Not only will your shirts look great, but it will also reduce your ironing time as starch minimises wrinkles so you’ll need to iron for a shorter amount of time.

Not all clothes are made the same and thus some items will certainly be more wrinkled and more difficult to iron than others. So make your life easier by sorting your laundry from items which are delicate and less-wrinkled to the clothes which are more sturdy and much more wrinkled.

Start your ironing with the less wrinkled pieces and as you go along your iron will get hotter and hotter and will be at the perfect steaming temperature once you get to the heavy, wrinkled pieces. With Vileda’s choice of the Medium or Small Ironing Board you can easily choose the right-sized board depending on which pieces of clothing you’re working with. All of our ironing boards also come with an adjustable height setting, letting you set up the board to a height that suits you!

Some of you out there may be in ironing in circles but this will only make your ironing take that much longer! The problem with ironing in circles is that it will not only add more micro wrinkles and thus take you longer to iron out, it will also stretch out the fabric.

Use long parallel strokes up and down the shirt to avoid ruining your shirt and save you valuable time. Nice long strokes will also cover bigger areas of your shirt and will get your ironing done in no time.

Have you been following all the tips above but your shirts are still taking ages to iron out? Then pump up the steam on your iron! Steam works wonders on wrinkles, and if you up the steam level on your iron you will see that those pesky wrinkles will disappear before your eyes, and you won’t have to spend your days working away at those annoying wrinkles.

And there you go, start practising these few handy tips whenever laundry day comes around and those shirts will be ironed and ready to go before you know it.