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Cleaning Tips

How to clean Malta dust

By September 23, 2019January 15th, 2021No Comments

With construction and car fumes being at an all-time high, Malta’s air is highly polluted – which means that opening a window, or walking into your home with shoes on can add a considerable amount of dust to your surroundings.

So, while there’s not much we can do about reducing dust in the air (though keeping doors and windows closed, and using eco-friendly transport options would help!), what we can do is make share some wisdom about how to beat Malta dust with our trusty microfibre cloths.

Vileda microfibre cloths and cleaning products are an essential tool to combat Maltese dust, and cleaning will certainly be made much easier when using the right tools. Let’s see just how microfibre can make your cleaning chores bite the dust – quite literally!

Microfibre is called so for a reason, with its super-fine material which traps even the smallest dust particles and will get into every nook and cranny of your house with very little effort. Microfibre is made of a fluffy, towel-like material which is the perfect material to absorb dust quickly and easily.

Dusting dry will only push dust around, so make sure to have a small basin handy where you can rinse out your cloths for that first swipe.

And not only does microfibre absorb dust but it also absorbs liquids, taking care of every patch in your house. Using high-quality products, such as Vileda’s mop and floor-wiping systems which all use microfibre, will ensure that you are utilizing products with superior dust-catching abilities.

Using microfibre products is highly cost-effective because you can easily use them both dry and wet, or rather dampened for all kinds of surfaces and cleaning purposes, therefore allowing you to reduce the number of cleaning products needed.

Microfibre is so versatile, it is very absorbent so you can clean larger areas with the same product, and you can decide whether a dry or dampened cloth is more suitable for your cleaning needs. Just be careful not to wet the cloth too much or you’ll reduce its ability to absorb dust particles.

Dust easily gets everywhere especially in summer when your windows are wide open to let in even the faintest summer breeze, but unfortunately, all that dust gets inside too. Not to worry, because microfibre can be used on all kinds of surfaces.

You can clean your stainless steel appliances and also to remove fingerprints and smudges from your surfaces. Grimy cabinets also benefit from a good wipe-down with a microfibre cloth, just run your finger over your cabinet before and after to see the difference. Microfibre can also be used safely on granite and marble counters with no damage to your stone, and use it partially damp on windows and mirrors to clean, while dry to buff.

Microfibre products are statically charged and thus attracts all kinds of dirt, from pet hair, dust balls to the tiniest microparticles. Not only is the dust easily attracted, but it also remains stuck to the cloth thus ensuring that it’s not flying everywhere around your home.

Vileda has a wide range of microfibre cleaning products from floor-wiping systems with thick microfibre fresh wipes, wring & clean mops, and more, allowing for a super effective, super clean finish.

Keep your products clean after use to make sure you always have a perfect finish. Simply rinse with water after each use so the fibres don’t get clogged up and ineffective. Wash your products in warm or hot water with a mild detergent, but avoid fabric conditioner or bleach.

Cleaning can sometimes be a drag, but using the right products will make that dust disappear faster than you can say “microfibre”, and your home will be spic and span in no time.  You can find our full range of microfibre cloths at any leading supermarket in Malta and Gozo.