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Cleaning Tips

How to colour code your cleaning habits

By August 20, 2019January 15th, 2021No Comments

Cleaning never tops anyone’s list of fun things to do, but considering all the different nooks and crannies that do need a good scrub, adopting a colour-coded cleaning system for each area of your house or building can make things more organised and much more hygienic.

Whether you’re looking to polish up your living space or need to get your workplace up to standard, these tips are sure to help you out, ensuring that all the time you spend cleaning is not going to waste and you can continue to live your best life, germ and bacteria free!

Red is the colour of danger in nature, so you can adopt the same idea and use red for the most problematic areas in your home. Use red for your bathroom, guest toilets and washroom floors. Considering all the disease-causing bacteria that could be hiding around these spaces, it’s no wonder that red is the colour mainly used for designating cleaning products used here. Clean like the pros by buying red cloths, mops and buckets when cleaning these tricky areas, and minimize the risk of spreading pesky bacteria around the house.

Yellow can be assigned to all kinds of surfaces, be they sinks, mirrors, tiled walls, glass and metal. Having differently coloured microfibre cloths for the surfaces in your living and working area ensures that you’re not mixing the germs which could be found on the surface of your bathroom counter, which definitely no-one wants.

We suggest using green as a colour for your kitchen, and no, we’re not talking about your produce, but about the cleaning products you use. This goes not only for a kitchen island or table but also any other area where food is handled. Cross-contamination is a serious risk, especially when handling raw meat and fish, as well as the utensils used when prepping your meals, so make sure you’re very careful about which sponges, scourers, and cloths you set aside for cleaning.

Blue is a nice calming colour so it would be ideal for low-risk areas. Shelves, cabinets, windowsills and general dusting all falls under the low-risk category as there are way fewer problematic bacteria to deal with here. Feel free to use your microfibre cloths on a wider range of surfaces, as long as they have not been assigned one of the other colours mentioned above.

Get in the habit of adopting good cleaning habits and your space will not only be sparkling clean but will also be completely germ and bacteria free – and who doesn’t want that? You can colour code your cleaning products easily thanks to the Vileda Colours range, which simplifies the whole process and makes keeping your space clean hassle-free.