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7 Reasons to Wear Gloves While Cleaning

By May 27, 2020January 18th, 2021No Comments

This one’s a given. With gloves you can create a sturdy barrier between your hands and whatever dirt you’re tackling, whether it’s in the kitchen, the bathroom, or otherwise. This is key to protecting your health by avoiding any kind of contamination to open skin via cuts or sores.

How often have you avoided a chore because the thought of doing it makes you squirm? Some jobs are plain unpleasant, but necessary just the same. So whether you’re cleaning out a shower drain or got a sink full of dirty dishes, a pair of gloves will help you feel like you can really get in there to achieve sparkling results. If you’re feeling particularly grossed out, the Robust gloves offer extra protection thanks to their 3 layers of protective coating.

It can be really tempting to bypass wearing gloves when you’re in a hurry, but actually your hands and nails will thank you for taking that extra step. This is especially true if you’re scrubbing the inside of an oven. Gloves like Comfort & Care will keep your hands dry and protected, as they are specially lined with a foam that’s 4X more absorbent than cotton.

Have you ever juggled a wet tumbler as it slipped from your grasp like a bar of soap? We’ve all been there. Save your dishes with 100% latex gloves! While gloves often give improved grip due to their material, gloves like the Vileda Sensitive Gloves give you just the right amount of grip for the task at hand, without risking breakages. For extra grip when you’re handling more tedious jobs, the SuperGrip gloves are lined with an anti-slip pattern to give a strong hold.

When cleaning you can opt for two types of rubber gloves; disposable or reusable. While disposable gloves can be used for particularly awful jobs where you definitely don’t want to risk any cross-contamination, reusable gloves are ideal for chores at home. At a time when we are mindful of our consumption, it’s important to consider that the durability of your gloves ensures value for money and long-term use.

It’s cleaning day and you’re on a roll. You’re wearing your gloves as you clean the bathroom and decide to wash the dishes. Would you wear the same pair of gloves? Of course not. You may prefer to stick to owning multiples of one type of glove, or have a range available for different chores, like dishwashing, general cleaning or those icky jobs we all hate.

When you put all of the above together what you end up with is a far more efficient cleaning routine which reduces risk of infection, avoidable accidents, and procrastination (for when there’s a job you just can’t be bothered to get your hands dirty for!).