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Cleaning is one of the most essential household chores. To ensure your satisfying cleaning comfort with a safe grip, we present to you the new Vileda Supergrip. These helpful and reusable rubber gloves with grip made of latex will be a valuable addition to your household/cleaning appliances.

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Vileda Super Grip Gloves

For a good cleaning experience during your daily chores, safe grip and comfort are of the utmost importance. That is why we invented the convenient Vileda Supergrip rubber gloves with excellent grip for a convenient cleaning experience.

With powerful latex rubber, these grip gloves are highly resistant to both pressure and stretching while being a handy lightweight for easy wearing. They are also waterproof. Additionally, they can endure a certain amount of heat, so you can wear them with both hot and cold tap water.

The Supergrip rubber gloves with grip can be used in combination with any sponge, cloth and bucket to handle many different cleaning tasks like dishwashing, sink cleaning or polishing.

Get your own helpful set of latex rubber gloves with grip now and make your daily cleaning chores easier with the Vileda Supergrip.

1. Waterproof Rubber Latex

The latex gloves cannot be penetrated by water, making them the ideal workwear for daily cleaning.

2. Comfortable Grip Gloves

To protect your fingers and palms, the gloves are equipped with a water-resistant, tearproof material and the inner cotton coating provides good cleaning comfort.

3. Rinse and reuse

Rinse your grip gloves easily after each use by hand with water. The durable latex material is both durable and reusable.

Protection for Hands
The pinked cuffs prevent your verified Vileda latex gloves from tearing and ensure safety for your hands and wrists thanks to their ergonomically-designed covering range that even covers your arms.
Durable and Flexible Latex
With their pure latex material, the natural rubber gloves are highly stretchable and resistant to pressure and liquid impact which grants them a remarkable durability.
Rinse and reuse
Rinse your grip gloves easily after each use by hand with tap water. The durable latex material is both rinseable and reusable.
High quality and durability
Unlike generic disposable gloves, you can simply clean them by hand after use and reuse them when next cleaning.
Waterproof Material
Even large amounts of water cannot damage these super-resistant washing gloves. This makes them the perfect choice for a particularly wet chore like dishwashing or handling water taps.
Cotton lining
The cotton lining not only ensures a comfortable wear but also helps to absorb any moistness, thus keeps your hands dry.

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