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Vileda’s microfibre tea towel efficiently dries wet crockery and damp dishes, leaving them sparkling. Its microfibre technology is especially efficient for streak-free polishing of wine glasses and other dishware.

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Vileda Tea Towel

Have you ever been dining and produced so many dirty plates and glasses with lipstick marks on them that you dreaded doing the wash up? Did you simply stack one freshly cleaned plate on top of another because you thought you’d just let everything dry by itself? It doesn’t have to be this way!

When dirty dishes pile up in your sink and you’re tired of having to re-dry your kettles, pots, and glasses when they come out of your dish washer, you need a new strategy.

A more effective technique, when it comes to pot and glassware cleaning, is using our microfibre tea towel. Our brand offers a dishcloth that leaves no room for mistakes and is ideal for drying dishes.

High-performing fibres absorb water droplets in a matter of seconds. This microfibre tea towel dries kitchenware without leaving residue, marks, or streaks. A bright glisten will shine from your super-clean dishware, instead of water spotting. Get one of our streak-free, drying cloths now and experience Vileda’s microfibre power.

The microfibre tea towel is low-maintenance and can be put into your washing machine for a quick clean.

These lint-free, absorbing microfibre cloths do not need to be ironed to look great and work efficiently. Put one or two on your kitchen hangers and avoid storage problems. Add our kitchen towels to your collection of cleaning accessories.

Dry Polishing

After drying your wet dishes in the sink, you can polish each dish with our tea towels.


Like all our high-performance drying cloths, these microfibre towels are ultra-absorbent and soak up fluids, like water, with ease.


Before reusing your cutlery and your tableware, make sure to quickly dust these objects with our microfibre tea towel.

1. Lint-Free Polish

Wine and other drinking glasses are prone to attracting lint like magnets. This ultra-absorbent microfibre dish towel leaves no residue on your cutlery, crockery or glasses. Bid farewell to lint, hair, and calcareous stains.

2. Non-Iron Textile

This fabric mix of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide means you don’t have to iron this cleaning cloth. The structure of our microfibre tea towel is continuously smooth.

3. Streak-Free Glisten

Our high-quality microfibre tea towel wipes away streaks and smears with ease. It only takes one wipe to make your dishes shine again.

Durable Wiping
This super-soft and highly-absorbent dishcloth is durable and grants a long-lasting cleaning experience.
To rinse your absorbent microfibre tea towel, simply put it into your washing machine until any stains and marks disappear.
Fast and Easy
Drying dishes, tableware, and glassware has never been this easy. Our dish cleaning cloths are equipped with maximum absorption technology so that your kitchen chores are simplified.
Thick Material
For a thorough and intensive clean-up, our tea towel fabrics are especially made to absorb more water.
Modern Design
Our super-absorbent microfibre tea towels are classically designed with big, blue stripes, and are also available in a bright pink colour, striped and with a plaid pattern to make dish washing and drying fun again.
Comfortable Grip
Besides its cleaning abilities, the kitchen dish cloths grant a firm grip to secure a non-slip dish drying process.

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