Vileda 3 Action Broom


With the Vileda 3Action cleaning broom comes the improved and most effective indoor cleaning and sweeping with modern day brooms and brushes. 3 different types of fibres combined in just one powerful brush enable a highly efficient and smooth sweeping experience.

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Product Description

Vileda 3 Action Broom

Experience pure innovation and intuitive handling with the Vileda 3Action scrub and brush cleaning broom. Unlike generic brooms with simplified bristles, our original three-tier fibre system enables quick and thorough cleaning of multiple floor types within just a few swipes.

For very small and fine particles of dirt and dust, we have included the ultra-thin black fibre part, which will wipe away even the smallest grain on your floor. Larger particles are picked up by the main fibre area of silver tufts, which can also handle pet hair or larger amounts of lint. And for thorough corner cleaning you can rely on the outer red fibres, which will reach even the most awkward angles and corners between your furniture.

The robust and durable bristles are made from recycled PET, which grants both very resilient material and an environmentally friendly production process. Like with all of our Vileda products, we support sustainable processing.

Little pressure is needed when wielding and manoeuvring the 3Action cleaning broom around your floors. Its very light design puts an end to tiresome bending and stretching while doing your daily flooring chores and makes for easy and comfortable storage.

Also check out our other products like high quality microfibre mops, Get your Vileda 3Action cleaning broom now and replace your old dustpan and mop with this versatile cleaner that will leave every single tile in your home sparkling and shining.

Fixed Handle

Strong but lightweight handle makes brushing a breeze (Handle is sold separately).

Push the Broom with Little Effort

Thanks to the intuitive and smooth fibre design, little pressure is needed to move the broom around.

Precise Corner Cleaning

Reach even the most difficult areas with the corner cleaning bristles integrated in the broom head.

1. 3 Action Fibres

Three different fibres of different colours fused together to create the ultimate broom for fast and thorough flooring cleaning.

2. Powerful Bristle

The powerful broom head catches any dirt particles quickly and reliably without them getting stuck. The organic fibre composition makes the cleaning of the broom very easy.

3. Works on Multiple Floor Types

As a versatile rubber broom, the 3Action is suitable for many different floorings like laminate, tiles, PVC or wood. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

3 in 1 Action Fibres for Smooth Sweeping
The fusion of three different types of fibre creates one of the most innovative, versatile and effective cleaning tools among modern brooms and brushes.
This product primarily consists of recycled materials, which makes the cleaning broom for your home especially eco-friendly.
Black Fibres for Fine Dust
Barriers of ultra-thin black fibres will sweep away even the finest particles of dirt or dust. No more dirt residue on your floor.
Silver Tufts for Particle Trapping
With the rectangular silver tufts, the broom quickly traps hair and other particles. Collecting pet hair and creating sparkling floors is easy with this cleaning tool.
Red Outer Areas for Easy Corner Cleaning
Use the outer red ends of the cleaning broom to clean narrow spaces under your shelving and other furniture.
Recycled PET Material
To ensure both high product quality and an environmentally friendly production, we created the compelling bristles from recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces are suitable for this item?

The 3Action Broom is a thorough soft broom for many different indoor flooring types. You can use it on laminate, PVC, wood or tiling without leaving any scratches on your floor.

What would be a suitable handle for this item?

All of our brooms can be combined with our Vileda universal handle for handy and uncomplicated wielding.

Will I be able to pick up hair and similar particles with this item?

Yes, the silver tufts included in the 3Action cleaning broom safely collects hair with its robust design, which makes this cleaning broom very useful for households with cats, dogs or other pets.

Can I also use this item as an outdoor broom?

The main purpose of the 3Action broom is to be used as an indoor item on your floor. However, it could also be used as one of your tools for sweeping the outer entrance or similar areas if you do not own a designated outdoor brush. For long-term outdoor sweeping, we recommend the Vileda Outdoor broom.

Are the fibres within the bristles flexible?

Yes, the innovative fusion design of three different types of fibres makes this cleaning broom a very flexible tool among your cleaning accessories. Corner cleaning and sweeping under furniture can be done within a few seconds.

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