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Cleaning Tips

Checklist For Cleaning The House Before Having People Over

By December 9, 2019January 15th, 2021No Comments

It’s finally the weekend, and after a hectic working week and it dawns on you that you invited friends over for drinks and they’ll be here soon. Before you either cancel or start a manic spree around the house with a vacuum cleaner, consider taking a new approach.

It’s highly likely your visitors will only be spending time in the ‘public areas’ of your house (i.e. the kitchen, bathroom and living room) and if you’ve been out all week, your home is probably much cleaner than you think it is! So, rather than trying to scrub your house from top to bottom, read ahead and focus on quickly tidying these prime spots!

To kick start your evening in the best way possible, ensure your guests have a clean and comfortable place to sit and chill out. Make sure there are enough places to sit for all your guests and bring out a few extra chairs if necessary. Plump any cushions and align nearby ornaments, so things look neat and tidy.

Then, declutter any untidy areas around or on the sofa and give the coffee table a quick spritz. If you have pets, it’s a good idea to go over the couch and chairs with a lint roller to remove any hair, and if you have time vacuum the surrounding floor area.

Before your guests arrive, ensure you have enough clean glasses so you can pour everyone a drink without a mad scramble looking for one. The same goes with plates, and worst-case scenario if you don’t have enough, get a few disposable ones in stock!

If you have a dishwasher, simply run a quick load of the essential items while you clean other areas of the house and they’ll be ready in no time, for when your guests arrive.

It’s natural at some point in the evening one of your guests will ask to use your toilet, so it’s always best to be prepared! You don’t need to go to town sanitising the bathroom, but you must clean one fundamental part- the toilet itself!

Give it a good scrub and make sure it’s spic and span. Don’t forget the lid, base and seat- it will really make your bathroom feel the next level of cleanliness for when your guests ask to go. The same quick clean goes with the bathroom mirror, wipe it down and remove any grubby marks with the Vileda microfibre cloth!

A good tip is also to keep the lighting dim, light a few scented candles to avoid any harsh lighting showing up dirt, and give a fresh aroma.

To recap, here’s our cleaning checklist for when having people over:

Remove clutter in all the areas your guest will be visiting

✔️ Clear the sofa and surrounding areas, vacuum if necessary

✔️ If you have pets, remove any excess hair lying around

✔️ Straighten up books, cushions, ornaments and decorations

✔️ Ensure there are enough clean glasses and plates for all

✔️ Blitz the bathroom, toilet, sinks and mirrors

There’s really no need to worry if you have guests coming over, just focus on the key areas and enjoy your quality time with friends or family!

Ultimately, the home you share doesn’t need to be show-home perfect. Perfect homes aren’t relaxing, and they often make people feel uncomfortable. Go over the basics, and a simple welcome from you and your family is all that is necessary.