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5 Times The ProMist Max Will Come In Handy At Home

By December 9, 2019January 15th, 2021No Comments

If you’re wondering what’s the need for the ProMist Max mop, or even if there is a need for it in your life, read on and discover precisely how Vileda’s ProMist Max will become your go-to cleaning weapon in no time at all!

The Vileda ProMist Max is the only spray mop with a machine-washable microfibre head that flips 180° to clean twice as much surface area! This cutting edge mop is always ready for a fast and effective wash on any floor surface.

The ProMist Max also features a refillable bottle where you pick your own cleaning solution and uses the power of microfibre to lift and remove dust and grime. With just a flip of the head, you’ll have a fresh pad so you can continue cleaning without any interruptions! Let us tell you more reasons why it will come in handy at home!

The time is ticking, and your guests will be arriving at any moment. If you need to blitz the floor and get it all super clean and shiny, the ProMist max cleans and dries floors in a flash.

Inevitably as your soirée progresses later into the evening, the chances of an impromptu spill increase tenfold. With the ProMist mop, you can easily be prepared for this eventuality, without needing cumbersome buckets or getting in anyone’s way.

If your worried about getting to those problematic spots (or someone peering behind the sofa) fear not, the 360 swivel head of the ProMist Max mop enables extraordinary reach and handling. The fine mist sprayer also gives an equal coverage across your floor, so you won’t end up with random puddles sitting around either!

There’s absolutely no need to have a bulky bucket lying around when your guests arrive, as the ProMist Max is indeed a discreet cleaning tool. Its practical streamline style enables you to stash it away quickly without taking up lots of space! This makes it extra ideal if you are living in an apartment!

Nobody looks forward to the clean up operation after your guests have gone. Fortunately, the ProMist Max mop removes stubborn dirt effectively and fast. It leverages the full power of thousands of microfibres to lift and capture the most stubborn dirt in addition to a scrub zone function. This was created to scour scuff marks and embedded residue. Your floors will be back to normal in no time at all!

If there’s one tool you should add to your cleaning stash, let it be the Vileda ProMist Max mop. There are countless reasons why it will come in handy at home, and why it makes your cleaning tasks so much easier! Available from all leading supermarkets in Malta and Gozo.