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Cleaning Tips

What is each sponge for?

By February 6, 2020January 11th, 2021No Comments

We expect sponges to do all the dirty work for us in the kitchen: soaking up spills, scrubbing ovens, wiping down countertops; it seems there’s nothing these yellow squares can’t do.

But when the sponge actually hits the spill, things tend to take a turn for the messy. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! However, you might be using the wrong sponge for the job at hand.

Next time you’re washing the dishes, take note of all the different surfaces you’re scrubbing with your scourer.

In the aftermath of a typical dinner, a sponge will be in contact with non-stick or cast-iron pans, plates with sticky sauces, and delicate wine glasses. If you want to enjoy your cookware and glassware for a long time, it’s important that your sponge doesn’t leave any scratches on them!

A non-scratch sponge has a flexible foam back instead of the harsher cellulose used in cheaper options. A foam back makes it possible to rinse clean even the most delicate surfaces without leaving a scratch or picking up nasty smells.

Look out for non-scratch sponges that come in different colours. These are perfect to colour-code with other kitchen cleaning equipment, and ensure extra safety and hygiene by using a dedicated sponge for surfaces that touch specific foodstuffs like meat or vegetables.

For jobs that need more heft — think scraping sticky dough off a pan — you may need a sponge designed for heavy-duty performance that can make quick work of stubborn grime.

These sponges are generally much thicker than normal scourers and have a special abrasive service that may be enhanced with tiny cleaning crystals like this Glitzi all-purpose scourer from Vileda that help break up dirt and grease more effectively.

Another benefit of larger heavy-duty sponges is that they offer additional protection for your hands thanks to the nail guard embedded in the foam. In any case, heavy-duty sponges are also far more durable than conventional ones, so they’re a great choice for cleaning pots and pans with dried-on, cooked and deeply embedded dirt.

A high-quality, multi-use scrub sponge will satisfy over 90% of the needs of users.

What makes it so effective is the thicker, rippled design of the scrubbing layer, which is also extra absorbent, giving you a sparkling clean surface each time you wipe and then rinses like new with tap water.

An all-purpose sponge is more durable than regular sponges, and the best ones are certified and recommended for use on delicate and non-stick coatings like Teflon®. Powerful yet gentle on surfaces, these sponges are safe to use with all kinds of bakeware, cooking utensils and glassware.

It looks and feels like a sponge, but works just like a giant eraser — the kind you used to carry in your pencil case — that makes stains vanish from all multiple surfaces at home.

Watch it in action here if you haven’t seen it already:

The Vileda MIraclean eraser sponge removes the most stubborn marks from without using chemicals; just give it a quick rub on the dirty surface and the stain disappears! Since the cleaning surface is moulded on a sponge it absorbs water easily and rinses fresh like a normal sponge.

Wisely! In the fight against dirt and grime at home, and particularly in the kitchen, a high-quality sponge is an invaluable ally to show dirt who’s boss.

Find a wide selection of Vileda sponges from your local grocer or supermarket across Malta and Gozo.