Vileda Solar Outdoor Dryer

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Vileda Solar Outdoor Dryer: Ready for any weather conditions

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Vileda Solar Indoor Dryer: Ready for any weather conditions

The Vileda Solar has a special feature: It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The weatherproof plastic material can withstand many sudden changes in the weather. The winged dryer’s low weight and wheels make it extremely mobile. The Solar can be moved easily from one location to another.

Crease-free laundry after every use

The Vileda Solar has a total of 20 metres of drying space thanks to its two fold-out wings. That is enough space for up to two loads of laundry. Longer items of clothing can also be hung on the wings for more effective drying. The extra-thick rods mean that your laundry is virtually crease-free once it has dried. They don’t create the usual pressure folds that conventional airers do. This will lighten your load on the ironing board.

Sturdy and stable drying

The base frame of the Vileda Solar winged airer is crossed. This makes assembling the airer extremely easy and prevents it from tipping over. The airer also features a joint with a protective guard. This stops it from collapsing unexpectedly. It also makes the stand of the Solar particularly sturdy and stable. After every use, the airer can be folded down easily and doesn’t require much storage space. The frame of the Vileda Solar is made of plastic, which makes it resistant to all weather conditions and means it can be used outside. The plastic base is also kind on your floors.

Reliable dryer for everyday use

Depending on your laundry drying needs, the Vileda Solar is the perfect standard dryer or a great addition to a rotary dryer or a bathtub or hanging drying rack. Whether it’s on the balcony, the patio or in your home, you can always rely on the Vileda Solar clothes dryer.

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Dimensions 182 × 56 cm

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