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1. The owner of this website is George Borg Barthet Ltd (GBB Ltd). of 22/2 Triq Wenzu Dyer Hamrun, MALTA (hereunder referred to as the gimimalta.com)

2. You must have a unique email address to use our site. You agree that e-mail can be used as a long-distance means of communication, and you agree all notices made via e-mail satisfy any legal requirements that such notices be made in writing.

3. It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to receive e-mails from gimimalta.com. We recommend that you add us to your ‘safe sender’ list, and check that your online security software does not block e-mails from us. In the unlikely event you do have any difficulty receiving email from us please advise your Internet Service Provider who should be able to assist you further.

4. You undertake that all details you provide to gimimalta.com for the purpose of ordering or purchasing goods or services are correct.

5. If there are any changes to the details supplied by you it is your responsibility to inform gimimalta.com with the changes via e-mail (info@gbbltd.com) or on 2124 4205. Always quoting your order number.

6. All personal information given will not be used outside of gimimalta.com. The information is necessary for us to perform our obligations to you as smoothly as possible.

7. Once you place your order through our website, you are creating a contract of sale between yourself and GBB Ltd, the operators of gimimalta.com.

8. You may cancel your order at any time via e-mail or telephone up to the time our delivery person contacts you for the delivery of your order; the verbal cancellation must be followed by an e-mail indicating your details.

9. Once an order is paid for, should you wish to add products to your order you will be asked to create a new order through our website. Should you wish to change or delete an item kindly inform us by email (info@gbbltd.com) and we will adjust your order and any payment differences. Always quoting your order number.

10. When you pay for an order, a Receipt of Payment email will be sent to your email address. This is not a VAT receipt, but rather a document sent from us as proof of payment.

11. A VAT receipt will be issued by our delivery person when delivering your order.

12. Clients must sign for their order and show our delivery person proof of payment in terms of printed or digital document showing the Receipt of Payment email.

13. All products must be checked upon delivery, we do not accept any damaged returns.

14. GBB Ltd operators of gimimalta.com reserves the right to intorduce or withdraw offeres related the sale of products via gimimalta.com.

15. For bulk orders or retail purposes kindly contact us on info@gbbltd.com or on 2124 4205