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The Vileda King table clothes dryer comes with a very safe and steady design of aluminium and steel. With a maximum drying space of 20 metres, this winged clothes dryer is an invaluable help for your daily laundry chore. Make use of its foldable structure and try the experience of top-tier laundry drying.

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Product Description

Vileda King Indoor Dryer

Thanks to its XXL wires, the Vileda King dryer helps you to get less creases on your garments while drying, shortening the ironing time later. Space and mobility are the two most essential traits when it comes to airers and laundry drying. After washing your clothes, you naturally want to find a quick and efficient way to dry your clothing without worrying about space or moving around a bulky airer.

Fortunately, the Vileda King winged clothes dryer is the perfect solution to these problems. This airer comes with two foldable wings that can add up to a total of 20 metres of useable drying space!

Additionally, you always have full mobility control over this portable drying device. It is equipped with wheels at the bottom feet which allow for easy relocation and transportation, even if the winged clothes dryer is loaded with laundry.

Depending on your space requirements you can freely (re)position it in your bathroom, your kitchen, your utility room or, if the weather is good, even on your balcony. It stands safely and firmly on any stable flooring like laminate or tiling thanks to its table legs that will ensure high stability and avoid any accidental closure.
The Vileda King dryer is suited for any clothing like shirts, trousers, sportswear, workwear, loungewear.

Buy the Vileda King folding winged clothes dryer now for your personal set of time-saving home appliances.

XXL Lines Reduce Creases

Thanks to the reinforced large aluminium rods your laundry will be gently hold by the dryer.

Extra Hangers for Small Clothes

The King winged clothes dryer includes laundry holders for smaller laundry pieces like socks.

Full Mobility and Transport

Easily move the King dryer around with its two wheels, even when fully loaded.

1. XXL Wires

This clothes airer has XXL wires that leave less marks on garments.

2. Sturdy and Robust Material

With a frame made of steel, the winged clothes dryer is one of the most reliable and durable airers. The steel table legs will grant you high stability and sturdiness.

3. Foldable Wings

Open up two lateral wings when you need more drying space for clothes and other laundry and simply fold them again when less space is required.

Drying Area
Up to 20 metres of useable drying space to handle your laundry.
Durable Steel Frame
Thanks to the robust steel frame and legs and to the peculiar joint mechanism, the dryer is provided with high stability and sturdiness – ideal for every kind of laundry.
Aluminium Lines
Large aluminium lines help you leave less drying marks on garments. They are very resistant thanks to their double locking system.
Flexible Wings
The foldable wing design makes the King winged clothes dryer a perfect fit for both large and small quantities of laundry. Open and close the wing areas of the clothing airer to suit your needs.
Mobile Wheel Support
Small wheels at the bottom of the winged airer make it easy to relocate the clothes dryer, even when the drying space is completely loaded with clothes and other laundry.
Steady Foothold
The feet of this winged clothes dryer are constructed to be sturdy, secure and steady for your laundry drying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a durable dryer?

The King winged clothes dryer can last many years if handled with care. Just always store it in a dry place and away from direct sunlight after use.

What are the dimensions of this dryer?

This winged clothes dryer measures 174 x 57 x 112cm.

How heavy is this item?

All components included, this clothing airer weighs about 2.8 kg.

Is there a warranty on this dryer?

Yes, for full customer satisfaction, this product comes with a 3-year warranty – only upon a correct usage of the product.

Does it replace my vacuum?

No, your steamer mop cannot replace vacuums and can only be a useful addition. Once you’ve finished vacuuming, you can get rid of any stubborn stains on the floor. Moreover, the steam cleaner sanitizes your floor which a vacuum cannot do on its own.

Additional Information

Dimensions 211 × 56 cm

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